Bad Dreams

This is now my second ever blog! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to upload a photo for this entry, as my laptop was playing up (again!). To make things worse, I was halfway through this blog and suddenly a pop-up came onto my screen saying ‘Firefox is not responding’! I clicked the ‘Cancel’ button and my whole window shut down! Unfortunately (again!), I lost all my tabs and when I restarted my laptop, my window didn’t come back up again! Best be getting on with my book blog entry, in style*!

Bad Dreams by Anne Fine

Bad Dreams is about a girl called Mel (Short for Melanie) who is asked by her teacher, Mr Hooper, to look after the new girl in her class, Imogen. Imogen is very secretive and doesn’t at all like to talk to people a lot whereas Mel is a real bookworm, and likes to crawl away into a corner and get settled into a good old book. She just loves going into her imaginary little world!

My favourite character is Imogen’s mum, as she is quirky, fun, and just a little bit strange because of her garden and how it is decorated: The door is painted bright blue, there are garden gnomes in every corner, you would definitely find it strange if you walked into a garden that looked just like an illustration from a fairy tale!

When Mel starts to see that Imogen is acting very strangely around books, Mel decides to investigate.

Bad Dreams is a beautifully plotted book and very gripping.

I would rate this book 5 stars because I really like that it keeps the reader gripping on, wanting to read more and more of it. It is definitely worth the long wait, but I’m afraid I cannot tell you what happens otherwise I would spoil the plot of the story!

I would certainly recommend this book to all of my friends because it has really good imagery and you can guess exactly what people look like before you look at the illustrations!


3 thoughts on “Bad Dreams

  1. Melissa Knott says:

    www:its a good book blog
    ebi:you could of put who your favourite character was and why and/or put a quote from the book

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