Point Horror – The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker By R. L. Stine

When I was deciding what book to write about, I found it really hard to do! I spent ages deciding on what book to read! The final two I decided on were:

Point Horror – The Accident


Point Horror – The Hitchhiker

I finally decided to do The Hitchhiker because I had read it before and I could read it again to refresh my memory on it. I also remember it being much better than The Accident! So here it is………….


The Hitchhiker is about two girls called Christina and Terri who are having the time of their lives driving around Florida after a fun holiday in the sun. They see a boy, about their age, with short blond hair, balancing a bag over his shoulder while his hand is sticking out into the road with his thumb up. Christina and Terri expect he’s just a hitchhiker, needing a quick lift somewhere. Christina spots him and insists that they pick him up as she really likes the look of him. Terri isn’t at all happy with the idea of a complete stranger coming into their car, this is shown in the following extract from the book:

”Hey, look at that hitchhiker,” Christina interrupted. She slowed the car

”Oh, no!” Terri declared firmly. ”No way. No way, Christina.”

”But look how cute he is,” Christina said, braking hard.

”Cute? He looks like a killer.”

”Don’t exaggerate, mom,” Christina said, sticking her tongue out at her friend. She pulled the car to the shoulder of the highway.

The hitchhiker shifted the canvas bag he was carrying and trotted up to Terri’s side of the car. He had short blond hair, Terri saw, and startling green eyes. He was big, muscular, like a jock, and very broad-shouldered.

”Christina – I don’t like this,” Terri said unhappily.

Christina laughed at her. ”What could happen?”

Christina’s prediction couldn’t be any more wrong!

In this book, get ready for screams, scares, thrills and dares!

The Hitchhiker is an fast moving horror which is an amazing book which I would recommend to anyone looking for

an action packed thriller. If you decide to read this great book, get ready for one scary ride!

I would rate The Hitchhiker ★★★★★ stars beacuse I really enjoyed reading the book. My favourite part was the end of the story (I’m not saying anything more so I don’t spoil anything for you!). The wait for the end is excruciating, but is well worth the wait! I just wanted to skip out all the boring(er) parts and skip to the end but I managed to restrain my self! I really enjoyed this book thoroughly and if you read it like I did, I hope that you do too!

Thank you for taking the time to read my book blog!

Please comment down below to tell me what you think of the book and any positive feedback that you can give me about my blog! I don’t mind negative comments either!






4 thoughts on “Point Horror – The Hitchhiker

  1. chelseacuison says:

    www: this sounds like an amazing book, but in a very scarry way
    ebi: include a star rating of what you think about this book

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