Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland – The Movie Version


I decided to be a bit brave about what I blog on this half term, so I decided to blog on Alice In Wonderland. I got this book from a site called for free because I liked the film and the book looked just as good! When I actually bought the book and read a few pages, it all seemed a bit boring!  I decided that I should keep going on because if I didn’t it would otherwise be a waste of ‘swapits’. Once I got into it, I really liked the way that the author of this updated version had used elements of the actual story to create and structure this new one, but while still including lots of points brought up in the film.

Alice In Wonderland is about a girl called Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a mysterious and magical world with all kinds of people, small and big, fat and thin, and clever and dumb.

As Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she finds herself opening her arms out, trying to grab something, anything at all. After what seemed like hours off falling she finally finds herself in a room with a glass table, on top of it, a key. Alice eats cake and drinks potion to make herself the right size for the door. She turns the key and finds herself stepping out into a wonderful, strange, intriguing world,


Alice, at first, doesn’t know at all where she is, but the further she goes into Wonderland, she finds out what it is like there.


Just beyond our world lies a place where madmen share their tea with hares and dormice. A queen enjoys a tyrannous reign, while terrifying beasts and immaterial felines roam her kingdom. There is a simple way into this world, and a young woman named Alice has found it. Join her as she travels down the rabbit hole and into a place called Underland.

My favourite characters are Tweedledum and Tweedledee because they are always talking stupid nonsense and plain gibberish! I also love the mad hatter because he can suddenly turn from an English accent to a Scottish accent in a blink!

I can happily rate this book five stars!


I recommend buying this book because the plot is intriguing, the storyline is well thought out and it doesn’t sound really old as if it’s been written in the Victorian era! The book has been slightly modernised to match the film.

It’s a book that you won’t regret buying!

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