Girls Out Late – Jacqueline Wilson

This term I have been re-reading one of my favourite books – Girls Out Late. It’s the third book in a series called ‘Girls’, consisting of four books written by Jacqueline Wilson. The books follow the typical teenage lives of Madga, the hot, flirtatious one, Nadine, the gothy emo one, and Ellie, the creative, fun one. The other books in the series are:

Girls In Love


Girls Under PressureImage

Girls In TearsImage

AND Girls Out LateImage


In Girls Out Late Ellie meets a boy in McDonalds at the Flowerfields Shopping Centre, where the boy draws a picture of her, which is really cute 🙂 He introduces himself, Russell. He asks her out and they go to the park, and stay out way too late, and when Ellie gets home, her dad suspects she’s been doing OTHER things. 



Further on in the book, Madga has her eye on the new art teacher, Mr Windsor. She hangs around and talks to him after school, flirting constantly and always complimenting him. Finally Magda plucks up the courage to go to his HOUSE.















Even later in the book, Ellie, Magda and Nadine all decide to go to a Claudie Coleman concert, until they realize it’s been cancelled. When they are about to go home, a group of gothic looking boys catches Nadine’s eye when they ask the girls if they want to listen to THEIR band.

Magda and Ellie resist, they know it’s a terribly bad idea to go along with them, but Nadine seems interested and persists that she should go with them.

With Nadine already in the front seat of the van, Magda and Ellie know that they can’t just leave her to go off with them on her own.

So the other two girls come along too and hop in the back of the van…

What will happen to them?

Read the book to find out…




How late can you stay out?


Nine o’clock. That’s when I have to be home. Dad thinks it’s not SAFE any later. But then the most amazing, magical thing happens. Out with my best friends, drop-dead gorgeous Magda and super-cool Nadine, I meet a boy. And it’s ME he’s interested in! ME! Plain, plump Ellie. But will Russell stay interested in a girl who has to be home by nine . . . ?


Stay out later than late with Ellie and the girls in the third story in Jacqueline Wilson’s fabulous, best-selling series for teenagers.



I would rate this book *****/***** asterixes

My favourite character is Ellie because I can relate to her in most situations 🙂